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Exhibits Open June 17

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  Tue - Fri
  10AM - 4PM
  1PM - 4PM

Discover Cape Cod's captivating history, art, and culture
at the Chatham Historical Society's expanded and upgraded
Atwood House Museum.

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January 17, Sunday 2 PM
At the Atwood Lecture Series
Sea Salt Farming in Chatham, Past and Present
Location: Atwood House Museum

February 21, Sunday 2 PM
At the Atwood Lecture Series
History of the Chronicle - 50 Years of Serving the Community
Location: Atwood House Museum

June 17-19, Fri - Sun
Chatham History Weekend
See Details
Location: Atwood House Museum

June 19, Sunday 2 PM
At the Atwood Lecture Series
Attack on Orleans
Location: Atwood House Museum

July 16, Saturday 5 - 7 PM
Evening to Remember
See Details
Location: Atwood House Museum

Events & Activities   Up Next:

June 17-19, Friday-Sunday
Chatham History Weekend   June 17 – 19
The Atwood House will be open for the weekend with free admission to the museum, with tours and Spotlight talks. Special hours on Friday and Saturday are 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

On Sunday, June 19th, at 2 pm, the At The Atwood Lecture Series will present “Attack on Orleans” (see next event item below). The museum will also be open that day from 2 pm - 4 pm.

Chatham History Weekend features the opening of this season's updated exhibits at the Museum with new technology to tell our story, and interactive experiences for all ages. In the Main Gallery, “Masters of the Seas” highlights Chatham Sea Captains, their lives, voyages, and dangerous careers. A new “Nautical Chart Display” supported by a Chatham Community Preservation Grant provides hands-on experience to explore our chart collection online while viewing live examples on display. The Pendleton Rescue Exhibit promises a new experience as well.

Explore all 11 galleries and see what we have in store for you. The museum gift store will also be open and filled with new merchandise.

Spotlight talks are informal talks (about 15 minutes plus Q&A) about a featured item or topic in the museum.
Friday, June 17 Spotlight Talks:
11:30 am - Life in a North Beach Camp, Don St. Pierre
2:00 pm - Women at Sea, Barbara Semple

Saturday, June 18 Spotlight Talks:
11:30 am - Viewing Our Nautical Charts Online, Bill Horrocks
2:00 pm - The Real Alice Stallknecht, Lisa Edge

For information about other Chatham History Weekend Activities around town, see the Historic Chatham website.

Event Details:
June 17 - 19
Location: Atwood House Museum
Admission Free - Donations Welcome

June 19, Sunday, 2 PM
At The Atwood Lecture Series
Attack on Orleans
Speaker: Jake Klim
Author Jake Klim will talk about his book Attack on Orleans.
Event Details:
June 19, Sunday, 2 pm
Location: Atwood House Museum
Admission Free - Donations Welcome


The 2015 Chatham Preservation Awards winners page is online, showing the 14 properties honored this year for preserving the town’s history with accurate and sensitive restorations and innovations.

See the plaques presented to these award winners, and read about the preservation and restoration done at each property, on the 2015 Preservation Awards page.


Nautical Charts Digital Collection
Now on Display

Nautical Charts Digital Collection

The initial phase of the Chatham Nautical Charts Initiative has been completed, and this new and important way to view Nautical Charts from the Museum’s collection is now available. With support from a grant awarded by the Town of Chatham through its Community Preservation Committee, 40 of the approximately 130 charts in the Museum’s Nautical Charts collection have been professionally restored and digitally imaged. The imaging was done by the Digital Commonwealth operating in facilities located in the Boston Public Library.

We have added several pages to our website to cover this important collection.

  • The Nautical Charts Virtual Gallery page (click to view) presents the Museum’s Digital Collection of 41 digitized Nautical Charts, with instructions and viewing tips. These are the 40 charts from the Initiative, plus a digital replica of the important Eldridge Upside-Down Chart. Viewing these charts uses a “zoom” technology, whereby one can view the entire chart on the computer screen, and can also zoom in on any small section of a chart to see the full detail of the original chart.
  • The Chatham Nautical Chart Initiative page presents an overview of the project that has resulted in the restoration and digization of 40 charts.
  • The Nautical Charts Collection page describes the Museum’s full collection of 130 physical charts.

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Danielle Jeanloz, Executive Director

Danielle Jeanloz named Atwood House Museum Executive Director

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