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Discover Cape Cod's captivating history, art, and culture
at the Chatham Historical Society's expanded and upgraded
Atwood House & Museum.

Coming Up Soon

Sept 17, Sun 2 PM
At the Atwood Lecture Series
Celestial Navigation
Location: Atwood House & Museum

Oct. 7-8, Columbus Day Weekend
Sneak Preview of “Double Take” Exhibit
Location: Atwood House & Museum

Events & Activities   Up Next:

October 7th & 8th, Sat & Sun, 1 - 4 PM; Columbus Day Weekend
Special Sneak Preview of Next Year's New Exhibit
Sneak Preview of “Double Take” Exhibit
New next year - This fascinating photographic exhibit shows dramatic panoramas of Chatham in the early 1900's compared to what those scenes look like today. Custom limited edition giclee prints of these photographs will also be available for sale.
Event Details:
When: Columbus Day Weekend; October 7th & 8th, 1 - 4 PM
Location: Atwood House & Museum
Admission - Regular Museum Admission

New 2017 Summer Exhibits

Two new Special Exhibits are now on display at the Museum. For 2017 schedule information click here.

Chatham in the Military

As our Nation emerged into a United States, wars shaped not only the boundaries of territories but the spirit and culture of who we are today. Chatham, like many small early colonial towns in our country, lost many men who fought for "freedom and justice" through time. This exhibit focuses on some of our local heroes, their uniforms and military gear and how our community was impacted by the major wars.
This exhibit is proudly sponsored by The Kemper Family Foundations.

Windows Into Time - Clothing & Artifacts

Wander through the centuries exploring the development of clothing and other handmade goods in rural Northeast America. When Chatham grew from a sparsely populated farming and fishing community into a more affluent town hosting tourists from around the nation, fashion reflected the impact of increased wealth, education, transportation, and cross-cultural influences. Early settlers who had struggled to feed themselves and stay warm, were later replaced by industrious merchants selling local and imported goods, as our local community began to thrive over three centuries.
This exhibit is proudly sponsored by The Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation.

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